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LASIK Therapy is
a leading edge medical treatment
for myopia and astigmatism.

10 minute Procedure

No pain

Post-op testing

Enjoy permanent unaided vision.

The graph to the right shows eyesight recovery rates with LASIK. Vision improves dramatically from the day after the operation. You can also see how permanent the effect is. The restored eyesight lasts forever. The operation may need to be repeated as your age.

(There are individual differences in restoration of vision and permanency.)

Anesthetic eye drops
are administered.

A flap is made in the
cornea and drawn back.

The cornea is
remodeled by laser.

The flap is replaced.

Over 90% of our customers enjoy unaided vision of 20/20 or better!

The operation is very simple. A flap is made in the cornea, and the cornea is remodeled with a laser for 10 to 60 seconds. The flap is then replaced. On average, the operation takes 5 minutes for one eye and 10 minutes for both eyes.

LASIK Operation Schedule.

Suitability Examination

Examination to confirm that the operation can be performed on your eyes. *If you do not have Japanese health insurance, the examination costs 8,320 yen (if no additional testing is required).

Preoperative Examination

Precision examination and consultation.

On the Day

Surgery for both eyes takes about 10 minutes. You can leave after resting for about 30 minutes after the operation.

Postoperative Examination

After the operation we conduct examinations the next day, then after 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months.

Will it affect my daily life or work?

After the examination on the first day, you can return to your normal lifestyle. Light exercise such as walking, jogging and golf is possible after 1 week. It is best to wait about 1 month before starting ball games and swimming. You can drive a car if no problem with your vision is found in the examination the day after the operation.

Does it hurt?

Anesthetic eye drops are used during the operation, so you will feel no pain. Some people occasionally experience mild discomfort or stinging on the day of the operation, but this typical symptoms disappears by the next day.

Is there any risk
of loss of eyesight?

There is no possibility of loss of eyesight. Operations with excimer lasers are considered to be one of the safest methods for myopia correction operations.